Existing Building Survey

The materials technology and failure investigation services offered by Signet consist of field and laboratory testing, and existing condition surveys of a variety of building materials to determine the presence of defects, and the extent and cause of damage. The investigative services offered include methods and proven problem solving techniques, which can be applied to a wide variety of real world construction conditions. The following services are provided by us and our affiliates:

Special Testing Services

  • Full-scale structural load testing
  • Verification of reinforcing steel within concrete members (i.e. pachometer)
  • Crack and deflection monitoring
  • Foundation surveys
  • Anchorage and condition assessments of building facades and veneers
  • Testing of existing or newly installed anchorage.
  • Compressive strength and tensile testing of various materials
  • Physical and chemical testing of structural steel and reinforcing bars
  • In-place masonry shear testing
  • Concrete / masonry core sampling
  • Moisture emission testing of concrete floor slabs
  • F-Number measurement (Floor Flatness Testing) using the FACE Dipstick 2000 Floor Profiler.
  • Wood moisture testing
  • Rebound hammer (Schmidt Hammer) testing
  • Coefficient of Friction testing
  • Load testing of specialty fixtures / apparatus under field or laboratory conditions
  • Temperature monitoring of freshly mixed concrete by means of thermos couplers and data acquisition units

Investigative Services

  • Testing of existing or newly installed anchorage into concrete, masonry and other materials related to floor, wall, false ceiling and cladding connections (i.e., tension and shear tests)
  • Corrosion studies on reinforced concrete and structural steel structures
  • Deterioration studies of concrete exhibiting alkali-silica reaction, sulfate attack and other deleterious effects
  • Fire damage investigations
  • Glu-lam delamination / deterioration investigations
  • Moisture infiltration investigations of concrete slabs
  • Crack investigations of concrete members and structures
  • Material Investigations and condition surveys of existing structures