QA/QC Testing Programs

Immediate results. The larger the construction project, the more critical the need for precise and immediate testing and inspection services. Signet specializes in meeting the challenges of large scale construction efforts by providing dedicated, on-site laboratories staffed with full-time project engineers and technicians. Our quality assurance/quality control programs provide added value beyond the immediate results, including:

Quality Control (QC)

  • Dedicated On-site Quality Control Manager (QCM)
  • QC Plan Development
  • Contractor QC

Mix Design Reviews

  • Asphalt Concrete
  • Portland Cement
  • Cement Treated Base
  • Concrete Trial Batches
  • Structural Masonry

Welder Procedure Specification (WPS)

  • WPS Review
  • WPS Development

Final Reports & Affidavits

  • DSA Affidavits
  • OSHPD Affidavits
  • Lab Affidavits
  • Local Agency

Laboratory Testing Review

  • Construction Materials Testing Analysis
  • Geotechnical Testing Analysis

On-Site Laboratory Testing Facility

  • Full Service Laboratory for Remote/ Large Projects (Soils, Flex Beam, Compression tests)
  • Dedicated On-site Laboratory Technician
  • Immediate Test Results and Reports